ABOUT uv glow worm

Both this costume and Interstellar Aviator were for two consecutive Itchy-O shows at Meow Wolf.  So I decided to wear light up glittery horns for both.  The real kicker for this costume was the custom glow worm outfit I had made at Coquetry Clothing.

Like the Gold Rams Horns, these silver ones came attached to a head band so all I had to do was cover them with mod podge and silver glitter, wrap them in a strand of multicolor fairy lights per horn, and tape the battery pack to the head band.

I finished the look with Black-Light reactive face paints and spritzed myself with multiple colors using a toothbrush, my thumb, and some careful aim.

I reused the chrome Itchy-O medallion that I 3D printed and filled with fairy lights.


  • Silver Ram Horns
  • Fairy lights (You can buy 6 packs on Amazon for $13 or less here)
  • Silver holographic glitter
  • Mod podge
  • Gorilla or fabric tape


  • A cheap bristle brush