Interstellar Aviator

Two nights of my favorite band, Itchy-O, at my favorite place, Meow Wolf, called for two very special costumes.

This one was for night 2 and it’s my favorite.  Featuring glowing gold sparkly ram horns, flashing aviator goggles, and a UV activated top, it’s comfortable, very easy to dance in, and makes me feel like a badass.

UV Glow Worm

On night one of Itchy-O at Meow Wolf, I debuted silver sparkly glowing ram horns, a complete UV reactive outfit, and UV body paint.

Little Red Riding Wolf Hunter

For Itchy-O’s 2018 Record Release show, the concept was centered around Esoteric Espionage.  So, playing with that, I made my costume a form of esoteric espionage as the sneaky wolf hunter hiding beneath her red cloak.  A 3D printed glowing heart capped off the costume.

Silver Cyborg

For the Itchy-O show on our first wedding anniversary, Patrick and I went as silver cyborgs.  This was also their Sci-Fi Freakout costume contest, and we won!

Steampunk Jetpack

I was thrilled to be able to assist with Union Station Buskerfest 2018, a 3 day celebration of street performance in downtown Denver.  On the first day, I showed off my handmade steampunk jetpack and the mini top hat I acquired in New Orleans.

X Wing Fighter

2018 marked my first year riding with Team in Training to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Patrick and I joined Team Survivor and collectively raised over $160 000!  Our fantastic team likes to dress up for the cycling events, so we rode as Star Wars characters.  I was an X Wing Fighter!

Meow Wolf Monster

For Itchy-O’s first time playing Meow Wolf, my costume had to be a colorful, flashy creature.

Monster Mouth

For one Halloween season, I got really into painting a monster mouth and used it for a couple different costume.  I love how something so simple can create such a fun look that really messes with people’s heads!

Space Jellyfish

For the 2017 Itchy-O show at Summit Music Hall, I decided I wanted to be something other-worldly, flowy, and interactive.  With embedded lights and swishing tendrils, this costume perfectly fit the bill.