IMG_20160513_220009This past weekend I, and 5 friends, participated in the Cotopaxi Questival in Denver for the first time.

I’m almost always looking for an excuse to do something new, interesting, quirky, or unusual, so this was right up my alley.


It is a 24-hour adventure race that involves challenges relating to fitness, food, community service, outdoors, teamwork, and lots more.  I liked that it encouraged you to step outside your comfort zone and be quirky, but also involved caring acts.


We all met at Denver Sculpture Park right after work on friday for the pre-festival kickoff.  There were a ton of challenges you could tick off the list right there including play giant beer pong (sans beer), take a team selfie with the llama mascot, and learn about malaria.


The hundreds of participants soon gathered for a dance off before swarming, en masse, into the surrounding downtown Denver to tackle some challenges.

  • We took a selfie with our favorite Street art
  • I donned headphones and sang my favorite song as loudly as possible on a busy street.
  • We had a bubble gum blowing contest with a stranger
  • Met a guy on the bus who had seen someone attacked by a samurai sword earlier that day at Walmart.  This guy, Kevin, became our “Humans of Denver” challenge and ended up joining our team for a short while.
  • Sang and danced to YMCA outside of the YMCA
  • We took a selfie outside the state capital building.
  • Took an artistic selfie outside the Denver Art Museum


And lots more.


The next day, we woke up bright and early and:


  • Went to Centennial to shake hands with Mayor Noon at the Highline Canal 5k race
  • Made signs and cheered on the runners
  • Did a crossfit workout in full aerobics gear.
  • Did 50 unbroken push-ups.
  • Donated clothes to Arc.
  • Dressed one of our team mates up as a Disney princess from clothes found at Arc
  • Left goodie bags of candy outside neighbor’s doors.
  • Opened the door for a stranger and complimented them.
  • Gave a lecture in a crowded elevator about how cool llamas are.
  • Did really bad parkour in a park whilst shouting “Parkour”

More details to come but in the meanwhile, checkout the videos below for a peek at our 24 hour shenanigans!