A month or two has passed since I first wrote about this and I’ve settled into a pretty good rhythm.

Every day, at lunch break, I hop into my car and work on my Free Code Camp challenges for an hour.

This way I get a minimum of 5 hours studying a week.  It has been slow-going and, to be honest, I’ve had to miss a break or two here and there, to attend to errands, catch up on a Game of Thrones episode before stumbling on a spoiler, etc.

But all in all, it has been pretty good.  I powered through the html and CSS challenges, built a tribute site to The Challenged Athletes Foundation (who I am fundraising for – more details to come soon!) and developed a mobile-responsive bootstrap portfolio site.

Now I am on to the Javascript training and it is a bit of a struggle.  An hour a day, with work and other things in between, means that a lot of the information isn’t fresh in my mind each time I sit down to it, and it is all completely new to me.  I am battling negative self-talk as I spend all break on just one challenge, but I will not stop.

I feel confident that, if I keep trying, I will start to get better at it.  It’s inevitable.  It has to happen.  It will just take more work.  So, with that, I should get back to it!

Check out my codepen page for my responsive portfolio site here!