ABOUT interstellar aviator



  • A cheap bristle brush
  • Gorilla or fabric tape

This style of costume is one of my favorites.  It’s comfortable, fun, and makes me feel like a badass.

To create this look, I combined multiple items I’ve acquired over the years including steampunk digital print leggings from Amazon, a scaley mesh long sleeve half shirt I found at Arc, the shoulder wear portion of a corset set from Amazon, some Harry Potter Quidditch goggles with flashing lights taped into the lenses, golden ram horns that I covered with glitter and wrapped with fairy lights, and a simple black tank decorated with UV fabric spray.

    These ram horns fortunately come attached to a head band, so all I had to do was mod podge a heavy layer of glitter over them and wrap them with a stand of fairy lights per horn.  I then taped the battery packs to the band with black fabric tape to conceal.

    For the UV shirt, I printed out the logo of my favorite band Itchy-O, cut it out, sprayed it with fixative, and then coated it with UV fabric spray.  Note: Make sure to have proper ventilation when performing this step.  That stuff is toxic and pungent.

    I made sure to carry a pen-sized UV light to occasionally wave over the shirt and activate it for a fun effect.

    I finished the look with Black-Light reactive face paints and some glowy bracelets.