When I was presented with the challenge of creating a design that represented 3D Systems AND Pride Month, I immediately approached it from an Industrial Design perspective.

It had to be functional, it had to be needed, and it had to be aesthetically-pleasing.

With the current plight of humankind, it seemed pertinent that it also be COVID19 related.

It seems likely that wearing a mask is going to be a part of our daily lives for a very long time.

Having seen numerous posts on social media of the various ways in which people were hand-washing and storing their masks, since not everyone has access to a washer and dryer, I knew it was going to be a mask storage and drying solution.

So I created Protego, which is Latin for protect or mask.

Highlighting the beauty of the rainbow, this rotating stand allows for 6 wet masks to hang over the drip well to dry unimpeded and 6 dry masks to hang accessible, ready for wear.  The top functions as a key holder to encourage placement of Protego near the front door, accessible for everyday use.

Protego is of course 3D Printed utilizing 3D Systems technology.